From Cow shed to Art Gallery, Episode 4

Allihies, 5 June 2022

Well, I hardly find the time to write Episode 4, as things have been moving on so fast since Episode 3!… It feels like we have been spiraling into a mad creative tornado, Richie and Neil riding it like heroes, me opening my eyes wider every day, stunned with amazement !
Only 9 weeks since the work started on the old cow shed,

and here is how it looks now…

So, let me take you for a little live tour of the 8 Cows Gallery !

Since the last episode, Richie ( my husband) and Neil (our younger son) covered the walls ( Plywood), I painted them ( 3 coats), Richie built the mezzanine (storage place), I varnished it, Teddy ( another talented man of Allihies!) cemented the windows and doors surroundings. It’s now the time for finishing touches, skirting boards and window frames…

Outside, the car park area had its final coat of gravels and Kevin Tim came back with another magic machine to roll it.
I also created a little garden around the gable, and made more plantations, bushes and flowers… The weather was so dry ( are we in Ireland ?…), I had to water them all every day !!!

As you see in the “live tour”, we had to improvise a temporary door for the main entrance, as the new one won’t be delivered until sometime in July… Neil beautifully fitted in one of the old doors of Tommy’s house, the one that figures in my favourite Richie’s short movie “ before the wall comes down” , well worth a watch:

I just love that movie, so emotional…
And that “temporary door” makes the perfect entrance to my exhibition “Tommy’s House”…

So, the countdown has started, and I hope you can join us for the opening of 8 Cows Gallery and “Tommy’s House”art exhibition ! Note on your agenda:
July the 1st, 19:00, Allihies !

Everybody is welcome, but if you would like a personal invitation, please consider subscribing

In the next episode, I will tell you more about the content of the exhibition …
In the meantime, have a lovely month of June !



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