Nadette Charlet artist…

Nadette Charlet was born in Belgium in 1958 .
From an early age she always loved to draw and create things.
She completed a degree in Art teaching in Mons, Belgium, but chose not to teach in schools, where the traditional academic system was not in tune with the freedom of her creative mind… Instead she discovered a fantastic field to play with art and free expression : for 15 years she ran an art workshop with mentally challenged adults whose spontaneity and creativity was a great inspiration. Together with them she organised a number of exhibitions in Belgium.

May be her astral sign Sagittarius gave Nadette the thirst of adventures, travels, new discoveries and new challenges. In 2005, with her husband (an Irish man that she met in Australia…) and their 2 kids she moved to Ireland to build a new life style based in the wild and beautiful Beara peninsula, west Cork. There, at a footstep of the ocean, she home-schooled the children for 8 years. That new freedom allowed the family to travel the world every winter. Other cultures, people, colours, images and emotions… all of which were new sources of inspiration .

Nadette likes to live in the now and to stay in tune with her intuition. New ideas often like to merge in her mind in her dreams, exactly during that small lapse of time between deep sleep and awakening…

When lots of artist are established in their own style and medium and tend to stick to it, Nadette’s art is flowing, moving, changing with the emotions of the moment. Just like Nature is moving and changing.

Pencil, ink, watercolour or oil, whatever medium she is choosing, Nadette’s art takes her to a special space. It is always a pure moment of joy within a basic need, the pure act of creating.