Easter Weekend 2024

ETAOIN MELVILLE, “Ancestral Sap”


June 10 ( Michael Dwyer festival week end) to 25th of June

KIP LOT, “The Beara Light”

Exhibition and official book launch of Kip’s book “The Beara Light”

Originally from Texas, Kip lives between the South of France and the Beara. Artist and professional photographer, his eye captures the landscape of our hills and coastline with an exceptional talent, waiting for the exact second where the lights makes it magical.

The large scale photographs, on archival paper, are absolutely breathtaking.

Kip’s love for the Beara led him this year to make a book with a local poet, Geoff Ward: “The Beara Light”…

May 21 to June 5

GOND ARTISTS, “The Heartbeat of India”

The first exhibition in Ireland of Gond tribal art.

Patangarh is a peaceful tribal village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, right in the center of India. The Gond people live a very simple life, in total harmony with the nature, and their ancestral way to talk about their culture has always been through art. A hub of incredible and heart-full talents.

I came across this village by chance, 4 years ago, and ever since I have made my best to support the survival of this beautiful and fragile culture…

All the money from the sales is going back to Patangarh !…

The show is a new collection of works on paper or canvas that I brought back from my recent visit to India.


April 7 (Good Friday) to April 28 2023….

CATHY BACON, “ Once is enough to know forever”

A stunning collection of new paintings , oil and mixed media.

After her wonderful show in Kenmare Butter Market, Cathy is back with another solo show, this time in a more intimistic space, which she took as a challenge… Definitely not to be missed !

2022 december 10 – 11 :

Christmas art show with Tim Goulding, Jenny Richardson and Nadette Charlet

2022 September 3 to October 4:

“On My Table” A collection of oil paintings by Jenny Richardson.

Jenny Richardson WebSite


2022, July 1 to August 31:

“Tommy’s House, Timeless Fragments of a Simple Life”.

A collection of Oil Paintings and Watercolours by Nadette Charlet

Link to paintings and artist’s statement. Here


Nadette Charlet



The exhibition “Tommy’s House…”
You can read more about that work here: