2016 Beach

Walking on the local beach one day, my eyes got caught by a singular object.
In fact, a group of objects that should never have met in the first place, now tangled closely together. Lying between two round stones the remains of a sea bird skeleton was prisoner of blue nylon threads. Delicate and fragile vertebrae seemed to have hold on bravely to each other in a desperate effort to stay together. The deadly blue line was running around them like a snake, strangling on its way some feathers and the white innocent breastbone of the unfortunate creature. A few pebbles away the beak was lying down on its own, like if it had travelled restlessly to keep company to the rest of the small body, and save its identity.
It was a puffin.

Living on the Atlantic coast I witness every day the drama that the Ocean and its fauna are victims of. The colourful pollution on our beaches is only a tiny visible part of the huge amount of deadly plastic floating in the ocean.

Somehow that day the scene was sadly poetic, at least it really moved something inside me.
I took some pictures and with care, brought home the delicate find.

A series of pencil drawings were born shortly after, close-ups of beaches randomly displaying pebbles, pieces of ropes or fishing nets, plastic bottles, feathers and bones.
And of course, my little puffin.

I am still working on more and hope to use my art some day to contribute to rise the awareness about the fragility of our beautiful planet.


“Beach”, Pencil on Arches Paper

“Beach”, Oil on Arches Paper