2015 One a Day

The One-A-Day experience

For five months I committed myself to the personal challenge of doing one drawing a day.

This interesting experiment surprisingly brought me out of my comfort zone, in a nice way.

I explored unusual techniques and topics, I played with ideas and styles, I improved speed and accuracy.

But overall, each and every day I allowed myself to give time to the pure act of creating, no matter what. That way I opened the door to my deepest intuition and started a journey that continued well beyond five months…


The One-A-Day experience is a private experimental collection of over 140 pieces.

I could classify them in series, as I was usually experimenting on the same subject/media for several days. Pencil, ink, watercolour, oil pastel, on paper, rocks, newspaper, canvas etc… were amongst the medium and supports that came across my mood.

Here are some of the pencil drawings representative of that work.

Ink, nib pen and water colour

Oil Pastel and Colour Pencil