About “Float”

This show is about the Irish sky, again…
A continuation of my previous work “Floating Anchors”

As I walk, looking up at the ever changing lights, the corner of my eye catches bits and pieces of the rough rural landscape around me. They are somehow anchors keeping me grounded. Sheds, ruins or farm building, fences, bales, electric poles and wires. They were not built with any aesthetic concern, but they have a soul filled with history. And as I turn my head up and around, they become freer and dance into unusual composition,unveiling a subtle kind of beauty, floating in a corner of the sky.

Is the horizon horizontal or is it just an illusion?

Sometimes you don’t need to look up, where the air meets the water the sky is just down there…

I like skies floating on the sea, it feels like the universe is playing hide and seek, trying to steal your balance for a glimpse of time, making boats look like balloons.

I like to imagine the feelings of sea birds as they are floating between sea and sky, the wind turning their dance upside down in a split second.
Floating freedom in wild elements.

On the shores of the peninsula, capturing images of the sky and its mirror, I came across other floating elements that caught my emotions.
I find driftwood fascinating, and am always intrigued by the secret story they carry behind rusty nails and man made shapes.
I like to think of their long travels at sea, mirroring day and night the fantasies of the sky, in the endless breathing movement of the waves.
Contrasts, rough and smooth, matt and shiny gloss.
Floating memories.

Unexpected encounter , as I was spying the floating sky I also met some improbable beach birds, happily dipping their non webbed feet in the reflection of the shiny fluffy clouds.
Neither flying nor floating, the hens on Whiddy island are nevertheless probably the happiest of the country as there are no foxes living on the island…

From the fugitive slices of rural Irish landscapes to the shimmering clouds on the water edges of the Beara, the Irish wild sky continues to mesmerise me and if the horizon has become optional, I definitely found my anchors in this part of the world.

“Float” is a collection of oil paintings on board and on Arches paper.